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HIgh performing spa systems

Their combination of water and air jets makes whirlpool tubs a particularly exquisite kind. Equipped with a high-performance system, they offer invigorating and relaxing massages. In doing so, the whirlpool baths overcome all muscle tension and relieve the pain of bathers.

The capacity of the whirlpool baths varies according to the model. They can hold 200 to 400 liters. There are traditional whirlpool tubs, oversized whirlpool tubs, and even two-seater whirlpool tubs.

Classic bathtubs are rectangular in shape, but there are also “angled” (or asymmetrical) whirlpool bathtubs. The dimensions vary according to the models: 135 to 180 cm in length and 80 to 145 cm in width.

The whirlpool bath has the particularity of making possible an interesting and doubly therapeutic combination: balneotherapy + chromotherapy. Some whirlpool baths are even equipped with colored LEDs.

Samana spa

Composed of two reclining places, 63 therapeutic jets, a finish of chrome nozzles and a radio with CD connection, the samana spa appears to be the most equipped spa model. It also has a waterfall with LEDs, a skimmer and an indestructible stainless steel frame.

Samana jacousie spas are also equipped with heat-reflective panel insulation. These panels are ISO 14000 certified. The whole thing to offer, as if it is still necessary to say it, a more than satisfactory result.


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