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Jacuzzi maintenance, very close to swimming pool maintenance

If you have just purchased a spa in a tubs for sale to enjoy it throughout the year after work, to share moments of laughter with your family or simply to gain a little more notoriety in your entourage but that you do not know how to maintain it well, know that it is quite easy. If you have a swimming pool, it's almost the same.

The maintenance of your jacuzzi is indeed essential if you want to enjoy it for a few more years after your purchase. You will be able to preserve it and always bathe in clean and pure water. Its maintenance is very easy and simple to do.

Maintain your jacuzzi

To properly maintain your equipment, you must first make the water clean. The quality of your water depends mainly on your filtration system. This filtration will then allow the water in your spa to be well filtered and therefore allows it to remain pure and beautiful with each of your baths. You must also always disinfect the water using products suitable for disinfection such as chlorine or bromine. You can choose the product according to the water quality you are looking for and your needs. You also need to have good control over the pH content of your water as well as its hardness and alkalinity. If you notice that there is an imbalance, then you will have to correct the deficiencies or the excesses using a specialized product.

It is essential for everyone who wants to bathe there to always take a shower to avoid the spread of germs and dirt. Do not forget to always clean your spa thoroughly, in particular the spa tub, the equipment in your technical room, the water line, the filter but also the spa cover with the help of a sponge.


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