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New with the presentation of our round spa

Our round spa combines performance and design. Indeed, its modern shape and its adapted dimensions allow you to enjoy relaxing baths in groups. Thus, the spa offers you 7 places with a capacity of 1450 liters.

Cutting-edge functionality and features

The round spa has state-of-the-art functionality and features. Its 7 seats and its stainless steel frames allow you to enjoy the 100 therapy jets in the greatest comfort. Available in crystal white, marbled blue or marbled green, the spa also features fiberglass insulation. You and your loved ones can enjoy relaxing baths thanks to the rotating jets and air jets. In addition, the device presents a high stylistic point with its finishes in chrome nozzles which gives a charming touch to the spa. Its aromatherapy system will overcome all your stress and help you relax for optimal fitness. The performance will also be there, because the Fx Pro is equipped with 2 pressure pumps, 1 filtration pump, 2 heaters and 1 Buller suppressor.

Relax in a group with our round spa

Whether with family or friends, relax with the new round spa. It will allow you to spend moments of choice in a group. Its 7 seats will help you let yourself go comfortably in relaxing baths. So you can even organize wellness evenings or afternoons on weekends to invite your loved ones. They will then be able to discover and enjoy the Fx pro spa. As a result, you will be able to share intense moments with your friends and take care of your health at the same time. In addition, with the current promotion you will be sure to get a good deal by buying it given the discount you will be able to benefit from.


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