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Our favorite hot tub

To enjoy absolute well-being in the open air, the outdoor Jacuzzi is the most suitable. It is usually large enough to be installed in a large area. But there are different sizes according to the needs of each buyer, 2 or 3 seats, 4 or 5 or 6 seats, and even those with more than 6 seats. Have many options to enjoy living with family or friends. The swim spa is an option of the outdoor hot tubs, ideal for combining sports and relaxation.

The spa, an outdoor Jacuzzi

The outdoor swim spa is a luxurious hot tub. Similar to small hot tubs and pools that combine both sport and hydrotherapy. It must be installed on a hard floor that can support the load and avoid any risk of accident. It can consist of a single bathing area or two separate pools. The average temperature of the bathing area is 22 to 30 ° for swimming, possible against the current, which facilitates movement in the water. In the case of separate pools, the temperature is adjustable. Very fashionable today, the outdoor Jacuzzi is very practical in summer and winter, installed outside, while you relax, you can enjoy the good weather in summer and fresh air in winter. Intended for swimming, it can be installed in a corner or in the middle of the garden, often recessed due to its size and functionality.

The great advantages of having an outdoor jacuzzi

The swim spa is our favorite outdoor hot tub for sale. Relaxing in the middle of nature can really help improve health. Comfort, relaxation and family conviviality are guaranteed. Beneficial both physically and spiritually, the stress is gone and the muscles certainly relax under the effect of the hot water and hydromassage jets. There is no risk of nervous tension with stimulated blood circulation. The swimming spa is a sleep regulator thanks to its relaxing powers, combining sport and relaxation.


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